About Us



The South Carolina Police Combat League (SCPCL) was formed in 1976 to give law enforcement officers in South Carolina an organization that would promote firearms training through competition.  The SCPCL is an NRA affiliated group and sponsors competitive shooting matches at various police ranges around South Carolina as well as an annual Regional Match that draws shooters from several states where thousands of dollars in firearm and other prizes are awarded.  Our members include federal, state, county, municipal and industrial police as well as reserve and retired officers.



THe SCPCL conducts NRA Police Pistol Combat (PPC) matches.  These events consist of Open Class Division (1500) matches, with many events also many including a service gun match before the 1500.  The 1500 match stages vary from seven to fifty yards, while The service match stages are fired from three to twenty-five yards.  Each stage is timed, with some shot from different positions.   The course can be fired with a revolver or semi-automatic weapon and the “service gun” match must be shot with stock service type weapons, revolver and semi-automatic, and with service ammunition.  Shooters are classed by their scores, moving up to the next class as scores improve.  Shooters of all skill levels are encouraged to join.  Technique, skill and safety are emphasized with all “safe range” rules enforced.  More information can be found at the NRA PPC information page (See "LINKS" page!)



Membership fees are $ 10.00 per year.  Match fees vary, depending on the type of match.   1500 matches are $10 each, while service, shotgun, and other matches are $5 each.  Regional and State Championship matches consist of several different matches and have a different cost - see appropriate event applications when available.  See the NRA PPC information page ("LINKS" page!) for eligibility information.